Friday, September 4th 2015

Bloggers Needed

In our efforts to keep Augusta’s Choice a community driven site, we are looking to expand our horizons… and yours! We are looking for bloggers to contribute content to Augusta’s Choice starting NOW! There are a few things I’d like to go over in regards to the type of content we are looking for. These requirements are in place to help with quality control and to make sure that Augusta’s Choice stays a family friendly, “PG – PG-13″ experience for our readers.

  • Positive blog topics. We have enough bad news floating around in just about every publication in the CSRA and we do not want to join their ranks. We’ve developed a reputation over the past 3 years to be a 100% positive outlet for locals looking for the good things that have happened, and the good things that are coming up in the area. We want to keep it that way.
  • No nudity. While we have no problem with freedom of expression, we also don’t want to receive phone calls from angry parents that trusted the site to be free of anything they didn’t want their kids viewing. ;)
  • No Bullying. This covers every category. No religious, political, sexual orientation, racial or income level bashing. This will be strictly enforced. The tag line of Augusta’s Choice is “Celebrate Local”. That’s exactly what we are doing, celebrating everything that’s wonderful about our area, including it’s residents. Every race, religion and creed is treated the same on Augusta’s Choice. End of story. Any violation will have the blog put in a pending review status upon review.
  • No Politics. We are not in the business of talking politics (especially local politics). The simplest discussion can start civil and blow completely out of proportion. We’d prefer to let “other” places handle that. The comments posted there alone… the dark places we’ve seen. O.o
  • Pictures, Youtube Videos and more. We are a very visual oriented site. If you blog, please include at least 1 clear picture with your post. If you have more than one picture to include, great. And if you have a youtube video to include, even better. We have a few goodies built into the page posting. You’ll find out more about those at orientation.
  • Have Fun and relax! We don’t require 1 blog post a week, but the frequency would be nice. We are rather laid back with our delivery and that has made our audience incredibly comfortable with us! Our goal is to continually deliver content as if we were having a discussion with a group of friends. Some of the topics that we’re looking for are (but are not limited to):
    • Local Music Reviews
    • Movie Reviews
    • Fashion
    • Local Production Coverage
    • Event Coverage

If you feel you have what it takes to be an AC Army Corespondent, head over to our contact form and let us know!

If you’re coming from Reddit, leave your Reddit handle somewhere in the body of the message so I (Oddzuki) can find you in r/augusta. If you’re coming from Facebook, let us know. And finally, if you’re coming from Twitter, let us know your twitter handle so we can make sure we’re following you back! As always, thanks so much and keep kicking butt in the CSRA!


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  1. I would love to share my perspective as somebody who moved to the South from California!

  2. I do a real estate blog and would like to share my perspective as a local real estate expert.

  3. I am a local “Augustian” and own a frugal living website and would love to contribute content to Augusta’s Choice!

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