Thursday, September 3rd 2015

The AC Army Birth Pool!

Well, Mrs Augusta’s Choice is due to give birth any day now. April 5th, we posted on Facebook starting a birth pool! The winner will get to pick something from the AC Prize Ruck Sack. Here are the current entries:

April 06: Roberta Terry

April 08:  Sherry Newman, Tecia German

April 09: Lynn Johnson

April 10: Jenni Parks

April 11: Stephanie McCrosky

April 12: Jennifer Larochelle

April 13: Christy Hodgson

April 14: Debbie Bowick

April 15: Katy Stephens

April 16: Susy Allen

April 17: Tony Anello

April 18: Charmain Brackett

April 19: Jessica Burkhalter

April 20: Matthew Ryan

April 21: Carol Gunter

April 22: Amanda Johnson

April 23: Rebecca Bunch-Reilly

April 24: Karen Banks

April 27: Tamara Rajah


May  5:  Charmain Brackett

May  6:  Christy Hodgson

May 6:   Carol Oswald

May 6:   Judy Colson

May  7:  Susy Allen

May  9: Lori Hughes

May 10: Kenya Adams

May 11: Debbie Bowick

Anyone else want to take a stab at it? Comment below and we’ll add your guess!


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6 Comments on “The AC Army Birth Pool!”

  1. April 24: Karen Banks

  2. May 6

  3. May 10th or may 12th!

  4. Before 1pm, May 5th.
    Kenny, don’t eat chocolate in the delivery room and stay out of arm’s reach… :)

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